Your money is not mine. How bank employees rob customers

Dishonest bank employees who steal money from the workplace risk a long time behind bars. But still, for some, the lust for profit outweighs the fear of being caught. We talk about the crimes of bank employees.

Cashier Anna from Achinsk

The loud story of 31-year-old cashier-thief Anna Grigorieva from Achinsk (a city in  180 km from Krasnoyarsk) develops in a mysterious way.

Six months have passed since the moment she stole 23 million rubles from the bank, — and the money was never found. The country's richest cashier and her husband are in custody and awaiting trial.

Anna Grigoryeva, during interrogation, told investigators that she had given the stolen millions to extortionists who threatened her.

In December last year, cashier Anna Grigorieva disappeared along with 23 million rubles. She just took the money out of the safe and brought it out of the bank office in a shoe box.

The woman was in hiding for a week, she was put on the wanted list. But then she voluntarily came to the police, where she was arrested. Three days later, the wife — the investigation believes that he is also involved in the crime.

The reason for the cashier's act is still not clear. After all, she knew about the presence of a video surveillance system in the bank, but openly stole money from the safe    and get off with a suspended sentence, and so she can "rattle" for 6-7 years.