Weezer – Stream the Final Installment in Their 2022 Seasonal EP Series

Dec 21, 2022

By Mark Redfern

Weezer have released a new EP, SZNZ: Winter, the fourth and final installment in a set of 2022 EPs corresponding with the different seasons. Now that it’s out you can stream the seven-song EP below. On Spotify they have bundled all four EPs together.

The EP includes the single “I Want a Dog,” which the band recently performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, complete with fake snow.

The previous EP, SZNZ: Autumn, was released in September. Prior to that the band released SZNZ: Spring and SZNZ: Summer.

A press release describes the new EP in more detail: “SZNZ: Winter was initially meant to be a stripped back, acoustic-leaning body of work that evolved as it was created with producers Suzy Shinn and James Flanigan into an amalgamation of everything Weezer fans have loved from the band’s current decade of work.”


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