Wayne Snow Shares New Single “Faceless”

Jul 13, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Kiroubel Beaujour

Nigerian-born, Paris-raised, and Berlin-based neo-soul artist Wayne Snow has returned with his latest single “Faceless.” After emerging in 2019 as part of the thriving future soul and jazz movement with his debut album, Freedom TV, Snow is back later this year with his sophomore record, Figurine.

“Faceless,” his latest release from the upcoming record is another taste of the record’s delicate style and alluring grace. Breathy vocal performances and a subtle introspective beat introduce the song, delivering on the sun-kissed warmth which Snow has made his trademark. As the track builds, Snow’s euphoric vocals shift around the pulsating beat, crafting a sublime meeting of nimble rhythm and celestial harmonies. From its more angelic heights to the contemplative ethereal call of the outro, Snow remains a gripping presence.

He explains of the song, “Love has not just one face, but thousands. When you believe you have discovered one, it immediately dissolves into a huge pit of faces. In this song, I wonder if true love has to be faceless for it to be the same for everyone.”

Check out the song below and watch for Figurine, out later this year.

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