Voices 2

Jul 09, 2021
Web Exclusive

By Haydon Spenceley

Max Richter makes the kind of music that most people embarking on a compositional or performing career would aspire to create. Meaning that upon pressing play on any of his releases, within a few very short seconds it is clear that this is a Max Richter work. Not every musician can say that.

Here, Richter follows up his Voices album, on which his customary classical and ambient compositions soundtracked the performing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with a companion piece, the two albums designed to be listened to as one long suite, in one sitting. If you know Max Richter, you know what you’re getting—subtle beauty, repeated musical figures and themes, with ideas developing and shaping the pieces as the album journeys along. And so, it is here, as a subtle series of synths and strings shape-shift throughout a beautifully calming listen. The aim is to build a sense of hope, possibility, and positivity on the back of the ideals laid down in the UN Declaration and so beautifully embodied on Voices.

Whether on the beautiful piano-driven “Mirrors,” or the synth and string piece “Movement Study,” or even the Cello version of “Little Requiems,” one of the standout tracks from the original Voices album, Richter is customarily masterful throughout. Committing to a deep listen through the whole Voices project proves to be a rewarding experience. (www.maxrichtermusic.com)

Author rating: 8/10

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