Unified State Exam in the regular mode. How education has changed in the “covid time”

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 52. What to prepare for the New Year's table? 29/12/2021

In & nbsp; January, schoolchildren will write all-Russian test papers, and & nbsp; by & nbsp; February 1 & nbsp; graduates must decide on & nbsp; what subjects they will take the USE.

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About & nbsp; changes in & nbsp; the USE itself, and & nbsp; also about & nbsp; how much our education has changed in & nbsp; “ covid time '', we & nbsp; talked with & nbsp; Head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev .

Yulia Tutina, AiF: & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; Anzor Akhmedovich, summed up the essay, which in & nbsp; all 11-graders are required to write. Well & nbsp; what, did not the children & nbsp; get stupid during the & nbsp; time of the pandemic?

Anzor & nbsp; Muzaev : & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; Definitely not, successfully wrote and & nbsp; received a “ credit '' 97.2% of participants, which roughly corresponds to the results of previous years. The remaining less than & nbsp; 3% of children will be able to try to rewrite the essay twice. So by & nbsp; May, most likely, no one will be left with & nbsp; bad. Interestingly, most of the & nbsp; proposed topics, the guys were interested in two: “ Book (music, play, film) & nbsp; & mdash; about me '', it was chosen by 31.2% of the participants, and & nbsp; '' Crime and & nbsp; punishment & nbsp; & mdash; eternal theme '' with & nbsp; 29.1%. & nbsp;

& mdash; & nbsp; What changes will be in & nbsp; this year in the & nbsp; USE?

& mdash; & nbsp; Most importantly, practice-oriented tasks will appear. They have already been introduced in & nbsp; past years in the & nbsp; OGE in & nbsp; mathematics & nbsp; and, by the way, to & nbsp; my surprise, caused the greatest difficulties for & nbsp; children. Don't & nbsp; believe me, even my own son turned out to be & nbsp; not & nbsp; ready. We & nbsp; warned all schools in advance & nbsp; & mdash; changes have been made to the & nbsp; exam, a new type of problems has appeared. In general, these are quite simple tasks: for example, calculate the number of boxes of tiles, which will be enough for the track of the summer cottage drawn on the & nbsp; drawing, and & nbsp; other similar ones. Alas, many teachers hoped that due to the pandemic, no one would & nbsp; risk changing assignments. And & nbsp; didn & nbsp; prepare students for & nbsp; innovations. Sadly. You need to understand: school standards are changing, and & nbsp; with & nbsp; and & nbsp; test work. It is obvious to everyone that modern children do not have enough practical knowledge. Therefore, when preparing for & nbsp; test work, I advise children to focus on the & nbsp; options for tasks that are already laid out for free in the & nbsp; open databank. Tasks are non-trivial, at the & nbsp; junction of subjects. & Nbsp;

& mdash; & nbsp; And & nbsp; Will the interdisciplinary USE be introduced, & nbsp; which was talked about a lot a few years ago?

& mdash; & nbsp; Definitely not. We are carefully studying the experience of other educational systems. And & nbsp; it turned out that in & nbsp; countries where the school began to actively focus on & nbsp; interdisciplinary disciplines, for example, in & nbsp; China, knowledge on & nbsp; individual subjects & nbsp; & mdash; chemistry, biology, history. Of course, it is necessary to show children the intersection of objects, but & nbsp; cannot be over-emphasized on & nbsp; So we & nbsp; will not & nbsp; will step on a rake, we have already seen how others did it.

How many tests do you need

& mdash; & nbsp; Vladimir Putin was surprised to learn about the & nbsp; huge number of tests in & nbsp; modern schools. What is being done about & nbsp;

& mdash; & nbsp; All regions received recommendations from Rosobrnadzor about & nbsp; the need to reduce the number of tests in & nbsp; schools. There is also & nbsp; an instruction from the State Council on this matter. In & nbsp; 2022, we & nbsp; will conduct large-scale monitoring on this topic. There will be large samples of schools, we will & nbsp; analyze the number of tests in & nbsp; each subject. Controls are of two types & nbsp; & mdash; the one that the teacher conducts in the & nbsp; framework of his curriculum, and & nbsp; All-Russian test work. The number of VLUs is strictly regulated, and & nbsp; it is rather a test of the work of a teacher, a school, and & nbsp; not & nbsp; a child. According to & nbsp; the results do not & nbsp; there are punitive measures, yes & nbsp; and & nbsp; not & nbsp; should be. But & nbsp; if in & nbsp; the whole class or even school “ sagged '' academic performance, this is a reason to recommend local teachers to undergo retraining. By the way, in & nbsp; January children will already start writing VLOOKUP. By & nbsp; 4 & nbsp; subjects & nbsp; & mdash; history, social science, biology, geography & nbsp; & mdash; schools will be asked to conduct VLOOKUP on & nbsp; computers. If they wish, they can take advantage of this offer, which will greatly simplify the verification of work.

& mdash; & nbsp; And & nbsp; errors from & nbsp; will not & nbsp; be more? After all, only the answer will be evaluated this way, but & nbsp; not & nbsp; the student's reasoning?

& mdash; & nbsp; Developers of works take into account a new method of writing works. Believe me, the best teachers are working on the preparation of the methodological base. But & nbsp; this year will be alarming for us: a change in the & nbsp; Unified State Exam, VLOOKUP on & nbsp; computers. But & nbsp; we & nbsp; prepared for this transition in advance.

Students & nbsp; & mdash; for & nbsp; Unified State Exam

& mdash; & nbsp; This summer again a wave of discontent with the Unified State Exam swept & nbsp; & mdash; many up to & nbsp; still doubt the & nbsp; effectiveness of this mechanism …

& mdash; & nbsp; Among teachers, the children themselves and & nbsp; even the parents of schoolchildren, there has been no such discontent for a long time. This is such populism & nbsp; & mdash; if you want to increase your popularity, the easiest way is to blame something incomprehensible to most of society. The USE mechanism has been debugged for a long time. And & nbsp; I can & nbsp; proudly remind you that this summer, despite the & nbsp; restrictions associated with the & nbsp; epidemic, there was & nbsp; & nbsp; a single serious scandal regarding the tasks in the & nbsp; Unified State Exam.

& mdash; & nbsp; And & nbsp; in & nbsp; this year, by the way, will there be any additional restrictions on the & nbsp; USE? Maybe the students will take a PCR test?

& mdash; & nbsp; No need. The teachers are practically all vaccinated. This summer, after the USE wave, 400 children were quarantined. I emphasize, not & nbsp; got sick, but & nbsp; were in the & nbsp; risk zone. Therefore, I hope, and & nbsp; the upcoming USE will be held in & nbsp; term and & nbsp; in & nbsp; normal mode.

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