Under the Radar Presents: “Why Not Both” Podcast Featuring Pony Sweat

Aug 03, 2022

By Laura Studarus

And…we’re back with another Why Not Both Wednesday. Every week, in partnership with Why Not Both podcast, we’ll be presenting new podcast episodes that explore how multiple passions inform the inspiring lives of musicians, writers, actors, and creatives.

Emilia Richeson is the magical musical mind behind Pony Sweat, the dance aerobics phenomenon you never knew you needed in your life until you get absolutely hooked. As she puts it on her website, “Pony Sweat is a practice in anti-perfectionism and radical self-acceptance,” a practice in joy and embodiment that focuses on using movement to cultivate care for ourselves. We loved chatting with her about how her love of music led her to embrace dance and ultimately how she fought back against the narrative of being good enough by simply doing her best.

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