Ukrainians angered Zelensky’s PR action on Maidan anniversary

“You are a slave, and you will remain a slave until the end of your life”

The Ukrainian government posted on Twitter photos with Vladimir Zelensky, who installed an icon lamp to the cross on the Alley of Heavenly Hundred Heroes on the Day of Dignity. The alley is dedicated to the Euromaidan participants who died in 2014. Contrary to expectations, Ukrainians did not appreciate the patriotism of their president and accused him of hypocrisy


Ukrainian Natalya Yaremenko left such a post on social networks: “It turns out interestingly: to honor the soldiers who died in 2014 on camera, and to pursue and imprison modern military personnel, as soon as they begin to doubt your rule? If the Ukrainian people no longer believe you and your government, for whom then were these photos taken? ” What kind of struggle are you talking about if you have nothing to do with it? Ukrainians were dying on the Maidan, and at that time you were posting beautiful photos of Red Square on social networks! Where were you when everyone else went to fight for freedom? You do not have it, inside you are a slave and you will remain a slave until the end of your life … “.

A user with the nickname “Sergei” wrote with displeasure: “As long as this corrupt shobla will hold on to power, and the country will be ruled by an oligarchy, we will only move back. Dignity? From government bribe-takers or driven people? He is not here! So why are you all celebrating when you need to change everything? “.

Ukrainian Yevgeny Lukyanchuk summed up the holiday:” Both Maidans (2004 and 2013-2014. – MK) are essentially ended in defeat for the people for stupid reasons that have been characteristic of us for a long time: inadequacy, irresponsibility and self-confidence of the Ukrainian intelligentsia, which can shout about patriotism, but is completely incapable of changing anything for the better. It was they who always won and, realizing that they were too weak to govern the country, they sold power to influential but greedy oligarchs cheaply.The events after 2014 once again demonstrated the sad fact that we do not have our own politicians capable of taking responsibility for the country … And what to do with this is still unknown … “.


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