To The Grave – Miserable Summer Lyrics

Run back to cover
It's gonna be a f*cking miserable summer…

Burn out their homes, scatter like rats
Just look at what we've done and continue to do
Still they sharpen their knives
Whatever helps them sleep at night
Consumed by ash: out they come, pretending they're sad

They have the f*cking nerve to tell us to be quiet whilst they ruin the world
Reach out to me with that blood covered hand and i'll cut that f*cking thing off, do you undеrstand?

Ignoring the warnings
Now everything's burning

First camе the flames, then came the floods
Not from the rains but from tears and their blood
We'd fix the drought if we cut out our tongues
Don't say that you weren't f*cking warned

Shut up and listen, they've sped up our extinction

The final nail in the human coffin

Feeding bodies to the death machine
So wipe this slate clean
The sky blackened by the approaching swarm
Don't say that you weren't f*cking warned
Hell must be empty, demons walk among me

Slash and burn until we learn
It only gets worse until we get what we deserve
There's no beauty in this, the ignorance they teach their kids
Can you hear them laughing? They're f*cking proud of this

Ignoring the warnings
Now everything's burning
And when the air and the oceans die, we'll follow close behind
Nowhere to run motherf*cker, nowhere to hide

Cough blood as they scorch the earth beneath me

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