Throwing grenades. In 2022, the 40-mm “Balkan” will be adopted

The combat capabilities of the new AGS-40 “ Balkan '' grenade launcher, which will replace the AGS-17 “ Flame '', will continue to grow after it is adopted by the Russian army. This was stated by the general designer of the developer NPO Pribor Oleg Chizhevsky . He also said that the company has completed work on a new grenade launcher & mdash; the complex is currently at the stage of military trials, the completion of which is expected in 2022.

AGS-40 'Balkan' was developed to supplement and then replace the two models of automatic grenade launchers currently in service with the Russian army & mdash; AGS-17 “ Flame '' and AGS-30 '. The new project appeared in the early nineties. In 2008 GNPP “ Pribor '' manufactured and handed over to the Ministry of Defense a batch of experienced grenade launchers. Six AGS-40 products and a corresponding stock of 7P39 rounds were sent to one of the units. & Nbsp;

Despite the presence of some minor remarks and additional wishes of the military, the AGS-40 grenade launcher generally suited the military. Balkan transferred to experimental military operation in 2018. Then it was assumed that the military would be able to take it into service in 2019. Currently, AGS-40 was at the stage of military trials, the completion of which is expected in 2022.

The developers of the AGS-40 project claim that the new automatic grenade launcher is capable of attacking targets at ranges of up to 2500 m. Shooting can be carried out both flat (parallel to the ground) and mounted trajectories. The trigger mechanism provides firing single ammunition or bursts. The declared rate of fire of the product is 400 rounds per minute. Shooting can be carried out in short (up to 5 shots), long (up to 10 shots) bursts and continuously. Shots are fed from a box for 20 shots loaded in a cartridge belt.

The barrel is 400 mm long and provides a grenade acceleration up to 220 m/s. In terms of the effectiveness of hitting targets, it is twice as high as the existing systems AGS-17 and AGS-30, as well as the best foreign analogues.

Despite the growth of basic characteristics, the Balkans has acceptable dimensions and weight, these characteristics are achieved due to a simple design. The grenade launcher is built according to a linear scheme, the gearbox and automatic equipment are located directly behind the barrel. The length of the Balkan is about 1 m, weight & mdash; 18 kg. Despite the increased caliber and improved combat characteristics, the size and weight of the AGS-40 hardly differs from other domestic weapons of this class. & Nbsp;

The grenade launcher received a caseless 7P39 grenade launcher shot of increased power, which has a cylindrical body with a head socket for a fuse. The length of the 40-mm grenade assembly is 132 mm and the weight is 430 g. For comparison, the VOG-17 grenade for AGS-17 with a smaller caliber and the same length weighs only 280 g.

The new 6S19 automatic grenade launcher “ ; Balkan & raquo; is intended for the destruction and suppression of manpower and destruction of fire weapons located outside shelters, in open trenches (trenches) and behind natural folds of the terrain, in hollows, ravines, on the reverse slopes of heights, as well as for destruction of military equipment (vehicles, launchers , radar stations).

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