This Place Will Become Your Tomb

Oct 14, 2021
Web Exclusive

By Haydon Spenceley

With their fine second album, This Place Will Become Your Tomb, an alternately delicate and crushing piece of work, the masked, secretive members of Sleep Token have produced one of best prog/metal/indie crossover records of 2021.

Witness the breakdown on opener “Atlantic,” or the gorgeous riff on “Hypnosis,” or even the sumptuous build of “Alkaline” for prime evidence of the band’s ability to build an atmosphere and the promise of a glorious crescendo’d payoff.

What sets the band apart is that they are unfailingly melodic too. “Distraction” is basically a sweet pop song found in the midst of the chaos contained around it and “High Water” morphs from a gentle beginning to an end marked with the twists and turns that only a truly progressive act could pull off. By the time you’ve taken in closer “Missing Limbs” you’re reminded of beauty rather than pain. This record rocks hard, absolutely, but it is its accessibility that will ultimately mean that it will be well remembered come the end of the year. (

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