“They defended Moscow.” Delegation from Kazakhstan honored the memory of Panfilovites

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These days the world is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the feat of the Panfilovites. On November 16, 1941, during the defense of Moscow, soldiers from the division of General Ivan Panfilov destroyed at the Dubosekovo junction near Volokolamsk about two dozen German tanks, stopping the offensive of the Nazis. On the eve of the Volokolamsk urban district, a delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited to pay tribute to the memory of the Panfilovites & ndash; servicemen of the division formed in the Kazakh SSR. With the details of “ Arguments and Facts. '' , representative of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Kazakhstan Ershat Ongar, representative of the Akimat of Almaty Zhanibek Karataev, the representative of Metropolitan of Astana and Kazakhstan Alexander in Moscow, Father Sergiy, “ Yunarmeytsy ''. Special guests were the granddaughter of General Panfilov Aigul Baikadamova and veteran of the Great Patriotic War, honorary resident of Volokolamsk Evgeny Ivanovich Maslov, who will turn 95 on November 28.

& nbsp; The 316th Rifle Division, which later became known as Major General Ivan Panfilov, was formed immediately after the start of the Great Patriotic War in Alma-Ata. The unit included conscripts, reservists and volunteers of the Kazakh and Kirghiz SSR, in total – & ndash; representatives of six nationalities. Thanks to the fact that Panfilov linked his life with Central Asia since the 1920s (he fought the Basmachs in Turkestan), he got to know the soul of a Kazakh, and therefore created his glorious division. As perhaps the most legendary Panfilovite Bauyrzhan Momyshuly recalled: “ General of reason. General of logic. General of the crew. General of composure. General of Fortitude. General of perseverance. General of Purpose.

Photo: Press Service of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Russia/Adil Sariev

& nbsp; According to a member of the Association of Historians of the Union State Mikhail Kuzovkin, Panfilov's general talent lies in the fact that in the shortest possible time he created an efficient division, which consisted mainly of people pulled out of civilian life to the front.

& nbsp; “ Having picked up a galaxy of commanders and having received time to train the division, Panfilov was able to quickly put together a division of soldiers, most of whom did not even have basic training, train her and lay the foundations thanks to which she accomplished her feats and received the title of the Guards , & ndash; commented on AIF historian. & ndash; As a result, the division formed in Kazakhstan honorably fulfilled its duty in the most difficult time of the battle for Moscow, having managed to stop the offensive of three German divisions, stretching 41 kilometers on the front, which was many times higher than the norms established by the charter. ''

& nbsp; & hellip; On November 16, 1942, at the Dubosekovo railway crossing, the Nazis threw sixty tanks into battle, reinforced by infantry and artillery. The Nazis hoped to take an advantageous position on the same day for a decisive rush to Klin, but ran into stubborn resistance from 28 Panfilovites. It was at Dubosekovo that the famous words of the political leader of the 4th company Vasily Klochkov sounded: “ Russia is great, but there is nowhere to retreat – '' behind Moscow! '' Wedge on November 20, but this happened only in the evening of November 23).

& nbsp; To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Great Victory, on May 6, 1975, on the site of the legendary battle, the majestic granite memorial ensemble “ Podvig 28 '' was erected, consisting of six figures, personifying warriors of six nationalities who fought in the ranks of the Panfilovites.

Photo: Press service of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Russia/Adilya Sariev from the places where Panfilov's division was formed, and he was solemnly given a capsule with earth from the Volokolamsk border, soaked in the blood of dead soldiers.

& nbsp; Counselor-envoy of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Moscow Nurzhan Kadzhiakbarov stressed that the feat of the Panfilovites occupies a special place in the general history of the peoples of the former USSR.

& nbsp; “ They defended Moscow, heroically stopped the enemy and thus made it possible to form forces for a historic counteroffensive and turn the tide of the war. The feat of the 28 Panfilovites went down in the history of the Great Patriotic War as a symbol of mass heroism, fearlessness and courage of the Soviet people. Therefore, our today's sacred duty is & ndash; to preserve and honor the memory of the heroism of the defenders of the Fatherland, passing it on to the next generations '', & ndash; said Kadzhiakbarov.

& nbsp; According to the diplomat, during the Great Patriotic War, Kazakhstan became one of the key mobilization centers of the Soviet Union, making a significant contribution to the defeat of the Nazi troops. “ About 1.2 million Kazakhstanis from 18 to 50 years old (this is about 70% of the male population of the republic) fought on the fronts, more than half of them died. In total, 12 rifle divisions, 4 cavalry divisions, 7 rifle brigades, about 50 separate regiments and battalions were formed in Kazakhstan. The home front workers also made a significant contribution to the Victory cause: the republic supplied the army with weapons, ammunition, food and clothing. Suffice it to say that 9 out of 10 bullets were cast from Kazakhstani lead. In addition, the republic gave a roof over their heads to about 1.5 million evacuees '', & ndash; specified Nurzhan Kadzhiakbarov. 615 people from the Republic of Kazakhstan became Heroes of the Soviet Union.

& nbsp; According to the head of the Volokolamsk city district Mikhail Sylka , Panfilov's people showed an example of the unity of different peoples in the face of a common enemy. A war veteran Evgeny Maslov noted: “ The feat at the Dubosekovo junction raised the morale of the soldiers who fought at the front and instilled in them faith in the future final defeat of the enemy. '' The veteran was echoed by the professor of political science at KazNU. al-Farabi and the chairman of the international Association of Descendants of Panfilovites and their friends Laila Akhmetova: “ Volokolamsk land ''; sacred for every Kazakh, Russian, Kyrgyz. In this land, watered with the blood of our fighters, there is the basis of the fraternal friendship of our peoples, and for me as a historian & ndash; this is the most important thing. ''

& nbsp; Granddaughter of General Ivan Panfilov Aigul Baykadamova , coordinating the international Panfilov movement, told reporters about the plans: “One of these days, the personal audience of General Ivan Panfilov will be opened at the Kazakh-British Technical University in Almaty. This is the first time in Kazakhstan that the audience will bear the name of a Hero of the Soviet Union. '' According to her, today Panfilov's movement unites more than 100 thousand people in Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Photo: Press Service of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Russia/Adil Sariev this is an example of the true heroism of the multinational Soviet people.

& nbsp; “ From the height of time, we begin to better understand the extreme acuteness of those events at the end of 1941 on the approaches to Moscow and more consciously appreciate the contribution of each soldier and commander in the defense of our Motherland. Here our grandfathers and great-grandfathers turned History to face man and humanity, it was from here that the liberation of Europe and the whole world from fascism began, '' & ndash; Elena Tsunaeva, First Deputy of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, Executive Secretary of the Russian Search Movement , commented to the telegram channel & nbsp; KeyNews & nbsp; In her opinion, the feat of the Panfilovites & ndash; this is an unconditional example of mass heroism and resilience of the soldiers of the Red Army and at the same time a symbol of Russian-Kazakh friendship.

& nbsp; Professor of Moscow State University. Lomonosov, Doctor of Political Science Sergei Chernyakhovsky emphasized that the feat of 28 Panfilov's men is on a par with the feats of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Gastello, Young Guard, General Karbyshev and other heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

“ The feat of every Soviet soldier of this war, who gave his life for our Victory and for stopping fascism, is tantamount to the feat of Christ who ascended the cross. People went to the feat, knowing that they would perish. They realized that they had more than just a physical existence than their life. That they are fighting for something higher and more holy. And that ultimately meant that they were human, for real. A person is only one who has something for which he is ready to die. And if only his own prosperous life is dear to him, then he is no different from an animal '', & ndash; commented Chernyakhovsky.

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