The Zutons Commence Recording of Their First Album in 14 Years with Nile Rodgers

Oct 13, 2021

By Joey Arnone

Photography by Wilko Wilkinson

The Zutons have announced that they have begun the recording process for their fourth studio album, their first in 14 years. It will be produced by legendary artist and Chic co-founder Nile Rodgers. The sessions are taking place at Abbey Road Studios.

Frontman Dave McCabe states in a press release: “We all love the records that Nile has made as a musician and a producer, and we are playing better than ever as a band right now. We sent him five songs we recorded in my house not long ago and it gave us so much confidence when he came back and said he liked them because it meant we had a chance of making a great album with somebody who we knew we would respect and listen to. He gets what we’re about and what the feeling behind each song is, he gets what the DNA or story of the song is.”

The band’s previous album, You Can Do Anything, came out in 2008.

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