The Russian Embassy called on the United States to refuse to supply weapons to Ukraine

The Russian Embassy called on the United States to abandon plans to supply new batches of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine The Russian side called on the United States not to escalate tensions. Refusal to supply weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine will confirm Washington's commitment to diplomatic efforts to resolve the situation, the embassy said 756425566589460.jpg” alt=”Russian Embassy urges US to halt arms supplies to Ukraine” />

The Russian embassy said the US should halt new arms supplies to Ukraine if it is truly committed to “diplomatic efforts to resolve intra-Ukrainian conflict».

“Instead, Washington should have used its influence with the Ukrainian authorities to convince them to stop sabotaging the Minsk agreements,” — said at the embassy.

The diplomatic mission urged “to stop hysterics and not escalate tensions” around Donbass. "And most importantly— don't push “hot heads” in Kiev to new provocations»,— noted in the embassy's Facebook post.

The statement emphasizes that Russia is not going to attack anyone. This is how the Russian side responded to Washington's statements “about the absence of de-escalation steps on the Russian-Ukrainian border.” and that the country could invade Ukraine at any moment, “including from the territory of Belarus.”

CNN reported on January 10 that the United States had approved $200 million in military aid to Ukraine in December. Politico In January, she wrote that as part of this aid package, Ukraine would receive a radar system and maritime equipment in the country.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Tuesday that Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine any moment. On the same day, a senior State Department official suggested that Russia was using troops sent to Belarus for the Allied Resolve exercise to attack. . Moscow has repeatedly stated that the movement of troops on Russian territory – internal affairs of the country.

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