The Moscow Mayor’s Office discussed the resignation of the director of Gorky Park

Director of the Central Park of Culture and Rest. Gorky Pavel Trekhleb may leave his post, RBC sources say. His place can be taken by one of the current heads of Moscow parks

Pavel Trekhleb

Director of the Central Park of Culture and Leisure. Gorky Pavel Trekhleb may leave his post, two sources in the Moscow mayor's office told RBC. In place of the new head, candidates are being considered among the current leaders of Moscow parks.

Pavel Trekhleb became the director of Gorky Park in September 2019 and replaced the acting director of the park, Vyacheslav Dunaev. As the source of RBC reported at the time, Dunaev was originally planned as a temporary head, combining the post with the position of director of Mosgorpark. Prior to his appointment to the Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Pavel Trekhleb was the general director of Zaryadye Park. since its opening in 2017.

RBC sent a request to the Central Park of Culture and Recreation. Gorky.

In October 2019, the court ordered Gorky Park to pay compensation to victims of the collapse of a pedestrian bridge with people on New Year's Eve 2019. Then, as a result of the incident, 13 people were injured. The Mayor's Office blamed a structural malfunction as the cause of the collapse of the bridge in the park.

In August, a massive brawl took place in Gorky Park & ​​mdash; during the celebration of Airborne Forces Day, a group of former paratroopers got into a fight with activists of the Lion Against movement. The riot police officers had to intervene in the conflict.

TsPKiO them. Gorky turned 90 in 2018. In 2011, the director of the park, Sergei Kapkov, as part of a large-scale reconstruction, “ Europeanized '' Central Park and made the entrance to it free. The park has a modern landscape design, new equipment, recreation areas, a cinema, a beach, bike paths. The reconstruction took place in several stages until 2018.

The park is visited by about 40 thousand people on weekdays and up to 250 thousand people on weekends and holidays.

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