The Lounge Society Announce Debut Album, Share Video for New Single “Upheaval”

Aug 03, 2022

By Joey Arnone

Photography by Alex Evans

The Lounge Society have announced the release of their debut album, Tired of Liberty, which will be out on August 26 via Speedy Wunderground. They have also shared a video for a new album single, “Upheaval.” View the video, directed by Archie Barker and Sim Thomas, below, along with the album’s tracklist and cover art.

In a press release, the band state: “‘Upheaval’ has a calmer atmosphere than anything we’ve done before and looking back on the album as a whole, it may in fact be one of the most important tracks on there. In the studio Dan [Carey, producer] really helped us bring a certain vintage feel to life—with deep textured acoustic guitars, heavily impacted by the ambient room mixing we focused on in the closing stages of the album. This song, more than anything else we’ve ever done, feels like us together as four mates playing a song that we love.”

Tired Of Liberty Tracklist:

1. People Are Scary
2. Blood Money
3. No Driver
4. Beneath The Screen
5. North Is Your Heart
6. Last Breath
7. Remains
8. Boredom Is A Drug
9. It’s Just A Ride
10. Upheaval
11. Generation Game

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