The Lighthouse and the Whaler Debuts New Single “Way Back”

Jul 17, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Cleveland-based indie rock band The Lighthouse and the Whaler returned this week with their latest single, “Way Back.” The track is their latest following a handful of 2020 singles and a new EP. It also might point to more music to come this year, with their last full-length record, Mont Royal, arriving way back in 2015.

“Way Back” finds the band in a characteristically anthemic lane, filling the song with soaring guitar melodies, driving percussion, and upbeat group vocals. Meanwhile, the lyrics tribute reigniting lost connections and rebuilding broken relationships. Altogether, the track’s careening indie rock instrumentation and openhearted emotional core make for an undeniably affecting return from the band.

The band says of the track, “When I first started writing ‘Way Back’ the chorus lyrics were the first thing to come out. It became this song about the odd ways we complicate relationships and the oftentimes circular nature of life. I think that life moves in circles especially in relationships. We move and pass one another and sometimes we say what we mean but I find there’s a weird orbit we maintain that often finds us coming back to people important to us.”

Check out the song and accompanying music video below.

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