The lawyer reminded the Russians of those responsible for cleaning icicles from the roofs

Responsibility for cleaning roofs from snow and icicles belongs to the management companies, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported; Vice-President of the Association of Lawyers for Registration, Liquidation, Bankruptcy and Legal Representation Vladimir Kuznetsov – pay for the maintenance of common property. In the event that icicles fall from a non-residential building, its owner will be responsible for this.

The lawyer noted that snow, ice and icicles should be removed from roofs as needed. Regions can set their own norms, Kuznetsov recalled. He noted that in Moscow it is prescribed to clean roofs within two days from the end of the snowfall. and cleanliness lies with the owners. The citizen must notify the Criminal Code of the need to remove snow or icicles from the balcony in writing. If the management company left the appeal & nbsp; unattended, you can file a complaint with the housing inspectorate. & Nbsp;

The lawyer noted that if the owner of the apartment does not notify the Criminal Code of the need to clean the balcony, and icicles or snow from it will damage property or injure a person, there is a risk that such an owner will be held liable.

him a criminal case. For example, for negligence or causing death by negligence. & Nbsp;

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