“The former Kazakhstan ceased to exist yesterday”

Marat Isenov spoke about the training camps of militants who flourished in the country

Marat Isenov, a famous Russian-speaking poet from Kazakhstan, has been living in St. Petersburg since 2007, and ten years as a citizen of Russia … His sister, niece and friends remained at home. Now, during the riots, when the Internet is constantly “jammed”, it has become very difficult to keep in touch with them.

center of Alma-Ata

– Yesterday evening by cellular communication, the Internet in Kazakhstan is intermittent, many sites do not work, mobile communications are interrupted for 7-10 hours.

– My relatives and friends do not participate, the requirements are fair, but hardly feasible in the current situation, Nazarbayev had almost 40 years of power to bring Kazakhstan into the ranks of the most developed countries in the world. He took a different path – the path of personal enrichment, the collapse of industrial structures and the transformation of Kazakhstan into a raw material appendage of China, South Korea and Europe.

Only in Alma-Ata were completely destroyed: a heavy machine building plant, a cotton processing plant, a construction plant and a number of industrial facilities. There is only one gas liquefaction plant left for the whole of Kazakhstan, and it fulfills foreign orders, the equipment of the 90s is worn out on it, a rigid connection to foreign markets dictates the agenda, and the concentration of property in the hands of one family dooms the entire remaining people to poverty and formal slavery. .

– Do you understand what the specifics are: a huge territory, a small population … “Imported” in Kazakhstan have always been, up to the “training camps” of all kinds of militants. The “multi-vector” policy, so zealously preached by Nazarbayev, made Kazakhstan a very attractive place for treatment, recreation and retraining.

– Well, you cannot call it a revolution – there is no general leadership, there are no leaders like Trotsky, Lenin, Sen Just and Robespierre. But it is quite possible that this wave of protest will lead to a “guerrilla civil war.” Naturally, citizens who, for certain reasons, do not want to join any of the parties, such a situation is uncomfortable. You can leave, a lot of my friends have left, but right now, of course, it will not work.

– Culture, and not only Russian, since 1991 has been squeezed out of everything from where you can squeeze it out, it is global trend. Naturally, Kazakhstan was no exception.

– The introduction of CSTO troops is a forced, extreme measure taken by the Kazakh authorities to maintain the status quo. If people are not able to see the situation in a historical perspective, then they are not statesmen … Kazakhstan, as we saw it, ceased to exist yesterday.

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