The Flaming Lips – Listen to Our Interview in the New Episode of the Under the Radar Podcast

Apr 08, 2021

By Celine Teo-Blockey

The Under the Radar Podcast returns today with season 2, starting with our interview with Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips. Upcoming guests this season will include Julien Baker, Emmy the Great, Adrian Younge, James Yorkston, Sleaford Mods, London Grammar, and more.

In between the band’s successful run of Space Bubble Concerts, Coyne took some time out and in this episode reveals how foundational the sense of play and love for art—that was a huge part of his childhood and upbringing in Oklahoma—has endured over the band’s 40 year career. As a father himself now, he also tries to foster the same for his young son, Bloom.

He discusses how the success of their best-loved songs—such as “She Don’t Use Jelly” (from 1993’s Transmissions from the Satellite Heart) and “Do You Realize??” (from 2003’s Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots)—impacted the band. And Coyne takes us behind the inspiration of their latest album American Head, where he reflects on how the drug culture of his and Steven Drozd’s youth tainted their American Dream.

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