The expert predicted the strengthening of the role of the CSTO in the post-Soviet space

Will strengthen combat experience and military power

New Year's terrorist attack on Kazakhstan and the timely response of the heads of state of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) may lead to an increase in authority and military potential this military-political union. This is the opinion of Aleksey Leonkov, a well-known military expert, editor of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine.


The reaction of the CSTO (uniting Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan) to the events in Kazakhstan, apparently, caught many in the West by surprise. The United States and NATO did not recognize this organization at all and preferred to conduct a dialogue separately with each member of the CSTO. In fact, there were many critics of the CSTO among Russian political scientists and experts. It was called a “ paper tiger '', a fake union, etc.

Indeed, the CSTO, for example, did not react in any way to the events in Kyrgyzstan or Armenia, when power in these CSTO member countries changed as a result color revolutions. The use of the collective forces of the CSTO in Kazakhstan & mdash; first example of peacekeeping assistance.

The first pancake didn't seem to come out lumpy. At least, at an extraordinary video conference of the leaders of the CSTO countries, President Tokayev thanked all his colleagues for their effective assistance, and President Putin said that Russia gives priority to strengthening relations with all CSTO countries.

However, the effective and super-operational use of the CSTO peacekeeping forces would have been impossible without the preparatory work of the CSTO Joint Staff carried out in previous years. A month ago, the chief of the Russian General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, told the foreign military attaché what the job was. Perhaps the attachés did not listen very attentively to the Russian general, otherwise the West would hardly have been surprised by the energetic air operation to transfer peacekeepers to Kazakhstan.

In 2021, according to the head of the Russian General Staff, priority was given to the development of the military component CSTO. Special attention, Gerasimov said, was & nbsp; focused on the development of force potential in the crisis response system, strengthening the peacekeeping component of the CSTO.

In practice, this work consisted of a series of joint exercises to practice counterterrorism actions and interaction in the implementation of peacekeeping tasks. The CSTO exercise “ Indestructible Brotherhood-2021 '' was held in the Central Asian region. In the course of it, joint actions of military contingents were worked out to destroy terrorist groups and deploy peacekeeping operations, blockade and liquidate illegal armed formations.

A joint exercise “ Rubezh-2021 '' was held in Kyrgyzstan with units of the Collective Rapid Deployment Forces, in Tajikistan & ndash; Doctrine 'Interaction-2021'. In addition, the training of the CSTO logistics forces “ Echelon-2021 '' took place. and intelligence forces & ndash; Search-2021.

The Echelon exercise, which has been held for several years, is precisely aimed at working out the logistics of transferring CSTO forces to the desired region. So in the case of Kazakhstan, the CSTO Joint Headquarters only needed to get the relevant plans and update them. Hence the speed of the air operation, which surprised many.

The experience gained in the CSTO in 2022 will be further developed, Leonkov is convinced. 'Russia has found a tool against the' colored ' revolutions & ndash; contingent of CSTO peacekeepers '', & ndash; he wrote in his Telegram channel.

According to him, “ this tool still applies to the CSTO countries '', but “ a precedent has been created. '' & nbsp;

“ Russia is bigger will not be an outside observer of anti-Russian riots (terrorist attacks) in countries that are part of its zone of national interests, & ndash; the expert considers. & ndash; Speech & nbsp; is primarily about the post-Soviet space. Expand the number of participants in the CSTO & ndash; maybe. The CSTO can become an alternative to NATO. Why not? In any case, the CSTO is not a virtual organization, but a real one, which will only strengthen its combat experience and military power. ''


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