The Bug and Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods Share New Songs “Treetop” and “Stoat”

Nov 23, 2021

By Joey Arnone

Web Exclusive

The Bug (aka Kevin Martin) and Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods have shared a new double single featuring the songs “Treetop” and “Stoat.” It is out now via Ninja Tune. Listen to the new tracks below.

Williamson elaborates on the new songs in a press release, stating: “Both ‘Stoat’ and ‘Treetop’ tread the usual path lyrically for me, nonsense mixed in with little micro stories of whatever. Excuses to get out frustrations and anger. I’ve been talking with Kevin for a few years now as regards doing some tunes. Matching something to The Bug’s music was always on the cards, a chance to shape different vocal approaches to a certain degree which is deffo evident on ‘Stoat’ I think. Love both tunes. Proper. Bang into this collab.”

Martin adds: “Reared on Mark E Smith and Crass, how could I not be blown away by Sleaford Mods? Since first hearing ‘Austerity Dogs,’ I was smitten by Jason’s razor sharp lyricism and punk as fuck delivery. So when we first chatted on Twitter a few years ago, casually raving about a mutual love of anti-social American hip hop, we pretty much immediately discussed the idea of a collab. And though it took a few years to actually realize the concept, 2021 seems like the purrrfect time in terms of global social meltdown and the release of my album Fire. It’s been a joy to work with Jason on these tracks and we are already discussing the idea of more to follow….”

Last month, Sleaford Mods shared remixes of their song “I Don’t Rate You,” from their most recent album, Spare Ribs.

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