The Antlers Share New Version of “Ahimsa”

Nov 03, 2022

By Joey Arnone

The Antlers have shared a new version of the song “Ahimsa,” originally released by the band’s Peter Silberman five years ago on his solo album, Impermanence. Listen below.

In a press release, Silberman states: “The original version had a patient tempo, spare instrumentation and hypnotic circular delays. It was intended as a meditation on the Buddhist notion of ‘non-harming,’ which is perhaps a better translation of the title than ‘non-violence.’

“Stemming from my wish for a tranquil day amidst turbulent health issues, my focus then was on confronting my own ephemerality as inspiration toward greater compassion for those around me. But in the years since its original release, I think the song has taken on a meaning closer to the immediacy of the chorus of ‘no violence,’ and become a kind of hymn in opposition to the rampant turmoil and seemingly inescapable vitriol of the moment.

“‘Ahimsa’ is an attempt to create a peaceful space within a violent world. The scope is wider now, though the message remains the same: mortality is one of the few qualities we all share in common, and through recognizing this we may discover compassion for one another.”

The Antlers released their most recent album, Green to Gold, last year via ANTI-.

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