Teenage Sequence Shares New Song “All This Art”

Jun 03, 2021

By Emma Goad

Teenage Sequence, aka London-born South Asian multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Dewan-Dean Soomary, has shared a brand new single titled “All This Art.” It is out now via independent queer/trans label Get Better Records. Check out the song below.

Soomary talks about the meaning of the song in a press release: “‘All This Art’ is as much about the systemic racism of the UK music industry as it is my own neurosis, as serious about these subjects as it (an attempt at being) humorous—in a sort of ‘if you don’t laugh, you’d stare blankly into the void wondering what’s the point‘-way. I never intended for the first Teenage Sequence single to be 6.23 seconds of the same beat (pop career suicide), but here we are!”

At 22 years old, Soomary was originally a member of the genre-defying left-headed punk band the King Blues, however, decided that he wanted his own voice to be heard and split from the band—returning now with Teenage Sequence. His mission is to be inclusive to anyone and everyone and to make music that people want to dance to. His music combines the jump beats of pop tracks with the strong sounds of indie-disco and post-punk social commentary within the lyrics. “All This Art” has a sound that is both nostalgic and futuristic, giving it an edge and creating a solo name for Soomary in the music industry. A press release recommends Teenage Sequence for fans of LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, and The Juan Maclean and those references aren’t far off the mark.

Teenage Sequence is set to release even more music in 2021.

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