Talker Shares New Single “Summerlin”

Nov 17, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

LA-based artist Celeste Tauchar has been crafting vulnerable grunge pop gems as talker, sharing her latest EP, Wax, just as the pandemic was beginning last year. This year, she returned with a collaboration with Crooked Teeth, “Light Me Up,” along with a new solo single, “Sad Chick.” Today she’s back again with another new single, “Summerlin,” once again diving into shimmering open-hearted balladry.

“Summerlin” draws back from the anthemic emo pop hooks of talker’s latest singles, instead letting her emotive songwriting shine. Tauchar’s vocals float above softly thrumming guitar and twinkling piano accents, taking inspiration from poignant heartbreak songwriters like Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves. As the song winds on, Taucher gently unfurls a longing confessional for lost love.

She says of the track: “This was one of the fastest songs for me to write on the record. Five days after a difficult breakup, I ended up in my ex’s hometown of Summerlin. Somehow in multiple years of dating, I hadn’t been there before. Even though I had no memories of the place associated with him, everything reminded me of him. Every neighborhood I passed, I wondered if that had been where he grew up. Every restaurant or store, I wondered if he had been there. I was with my friend Lauren at the time, and as soon as we got back to LA, we wrote the song that night in less than an hour. I still have the voice memo from that night where I can’t get through the song without crying.”

Check out the song and watch the accompanying video, produced and directed by Tauchar below.

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