Sweet Baboo Shares Video For New Single “Horticulture”

Nov 23, 2022

By Joey Arnone

Photography by Emma Daman Thomas

Sweet Baboo (aka Stephen Black) has shared a video for his new single, “Horticulture.” It is the latest release from Black’s forthcoming album, The Wreckage, which will be out on January 27, 2023. View the Pete Ingo-directed video below.

Black says in a press release: “‘Horticulture’ was a song that had been running around my brain for a good few years. I must have changed the words to the chorus about four or five times. It’s a song about my love of and, sometimes, failure to keep the house plants alive but also a note to self to keep fit and healthy.”

Video director Pete Ingo adds “‘Horticulture,’ for me, is a song about love, tenderness and a perseverance. I wanted to make a visual that reflected this. Sweet Baboo’s music has always had that ‘domestique magique’ running through to its core and I wanted the characters in the video to be the embodiment of this…but turned up to 11…slowly…and a cat.”

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