Sub Pop Releases New Climate Change Comp Feat. Frankie Cosmos, Deerhoof, Moby, Oceanator, and More

Oct 28, 2022

By Joey Arnone

Sub Pop has released a new charity compilation, The Eleventh Hour: Songs for Climate Justice, today. Curated by filmmaker Adam McKay and podcaster Matt Dwyer, the compilation features previously unreleased music from Frankie Cosmos, Deerhoof, Moby, Oceanator, Guerilla Toss, Cloud Nothings, Mudhoney, and others. Proceeds from the compilation will benefit the organization Climate Emergency Fund. Stream it below.

In a press release, McKay states: “This is a frightening moment we’re living through. The climate is warming at an increasingly dangerous pace and Governments and Businesses seem hell-bent on ignoring the problem. And it’s at exactly moments like this when we need inspired artists to interpret, express and F.S.U. Add in the fact that all of the proceeds go to the Climate Emergency Fund and support international civil disobedience and this is one hell of a good trouble-making album.

“Play it loud.
Play it soft.
Play it while occupying an oil CEO’s office. They won’t like this album and would rather you play Rod Stewart’s Christmas album.
(God bless Rod Stewart)
The climate activists thank you for lending your ears and any and all possible support.”

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