Stranded (Half Speed Master Vinyl Reissue)

Aug 03, 2022
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By Matthew Berlyant

When Brian Eno (credited with “synthesizers and treatments”) left Roxy Music after the touring cycle for their incredible second LP, For Your Pleasure, in 1973, the band was at a crossroads. Fans and the press likely wondered what would happen to this promising, already groundbreaking art-rock juggernaut. Thankfully, with replacement keyboardist (and violinist) Eddie Jobson and new bassist John Gustafson in tow, they managed to continue creating a starting series of albums up to their final studio album to date, 1982’s Avalon. That list includes this one, arguably one of their most experimental, yet managing to be commercially successful as well.

Opening with UK Top 10 hit “Street Life” and featuring other highlights such as “Amazona,” side one closer “Psalm,” and of course, “Mother of Pearl,” one of their definitive moments, Stranded is one of their finest albums, even cited by Eno himself later on as his favorite of their catalog. Roxy Music were massively influential on UK punk and New Wave and also on the early ’80s New Romantic movement in particular, their influence also extended over to America, where future super producer and Garbage member Butch Vig was listening, forming a fan club in his native Wisconsin. That said, this half-speed master done at Abbey Road studios is part of a vinyl reissue series of their entire catalog done in the same style and so it sounds and looks fantastic, replicating the gatefold of the original pressing. (

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