So he got into history. Konstantin Kudryashov on how he was locked in the Kremlin

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 46. Where will they not be allowed without a QR code? 17/11/2021

We continue to acquaint you with & nbsp; journalists who have been working in & nbsp; “ AiF '' for many years. Today this is the special correspondent of Konstantin Kudryashov.

What are they looking for in past centuries?

Yulia Shigareva: & nbsp; Konstantin, and you yourself have an explanation , why is there such interest in & nbsp; history today in & nbsp; society?

Konstantin Kudryashov: & nbsp; Times are difficult now, which means that a look back is necessary. At least for & nbsp; to find analogies to emerging situations and & nbsp; to see: and & nbsp; how did our ancestors cope? After all, they managed somehow! And & nbsp; there are many examples where this really helped. For example, in & nbsp; 1921, when there was a famine, the young Soviet government began to look for ways to solve the problem. And & nbsp; it turned out that back in the & nbsp; XVII century. the Russian government took quite reasonable measures in the & nbsp; fight against & nbsp; & nbsp; & ndash; some of & nbsp; them Tips and applied.

And many more are seized by routine, personal troubles, current problems. And & nbsp; gives the impression of hopelessness. And here history comes to & nbsp; help again. Complaining? And & nbsp; you look, what happened to your ancestors! After all, they didn’t give up & nbsp; & ndash; and & nbsp; survived. Who by force and & nbsp; courage, who by intelligence and & nbsp; cunning, and & nbsp; sometimes and & nbsp; by deceit & nbsp; & ndash; all means are good here. This knowledge strengthens. Elevates. You no longer just smoke the sky, and & nbsp; participate in the & nbsp; historical process & nbsp; & ndash; for you hundreds of generations, if you please, correspond. And & nbsp; they will help you. In general, like in & nbsp; Vysotsky : “ Our dead will not leave us in & nbsp; trouble, our fallen & nbsp; & ndash; like sentries. '' My task is & nbsp; & ndash; show exactly how “ our dead '' got out of & nbsp; difficult situations.

& ndash; Thousands of historical persons have become heroes of your essays over the years. Who is the most interesting for you? And & nbsp; what period in the history of our country do you consider the most significant?

& ndash; For me, this is the XV century. & Nbsp; & ndash; from the moment when Ivan III the Great begins his political activities. And part of the 17th century, the era of the first kings of the Romanov dynasty, Mikhail the Meek and & nbsp; Alexei Tishaishiy.

It is customary to admire the “ phenomenon of England '' & nbsp; & ndash; for a short time by & nbsp; historical standards, the small island sovereign turned into an & nbsp; empire, over which the sun does not set. But the phenomenon of the transformation of the Moscow principality into & nbsp; Russia, for some mysterious reason, they prefer not to notice. Although at the very beginning of this path, the small principality did not even have political independence. Result & nbsp; & ndash; the largest state in Europe, dictating its will to its neighbors. And & nbsp; all this happened during the life of Ivan III, not very long & nbsp; & ndash; he died at & nbsp; 65 years old. You won't find such impressive leaps in & nbsp; world history.

Well, and nbsp; the first in general, the Romanovs succeeded in incredible. A country that was plundered and & nbsp; devastated, from which huge territories were cut off, which, to be honest, during the Time of Troubles actually ceased to exist, they were able to re-create and & nbsp; put on a par with & nbsp; powers of Europe. Unfortunately, the figures of Ivan III and & nbsp; the first Romanovs are not in our & nbsp; honor & nbsp; & ndash; they are obscured by brighter and & nbsp; untwisted Ivan the Terrible and & nbsp; Peter I. But this can be fixed.

Why is he digging in the ground?

& ndash ; And how were you, a cheerful young man, drawn to the & nbsp; shards? And & nbsp; what's the joy of digging through the & nbsp; earth for hours?

& ndash; I was drawn to a rather quiet “ bookish '' a boy from the & nbsp; village of Meshcherskoye near Moscow, who was seven years old, his grandmother told about the & nbsp; excavations of Lord Carnarvon and & nbsp; “ the curse of Egyptian tombs. '' And & nbsp; then mentioned that in the vicinity of our village there were once mounds, which in the & nbsp; early XX & nbsp; century. dug out. It stunned me & nbsp; & ndash; the secrets of the ages, which seemed distant, almost fabulous, with & nbsp; you under & nbsp; sideways!

In Kostya's hands is the “ skull of the horse of Prophetic Oleg ''. In fact, this is just a horse skull from the security excavations of the Streletskaya Sloboda in Moscow, 1995. Photo from the personal archive of Konstantin Kudryashov

If I had watched a film about the adventures of Indiana Jones, the roof would probably have been completely blown off. And & nbsp; so at my disposal were the remains of the library of my great-grandfather, historian, once the director of the Molodino school. And & nbsp; later my mother brought from & nbsp; Moscow the book “ Leap into the & nbsp; past '' Czech researchers Renata Malinova and Yaroslav Malina . It talked about & nbsp; experimental archeology & nbsp; & ndash; this is when people reproduce a tool and & nbsp; weapons of antiquity and & nbsp; test axes-bows-arrows in & nbsp; real life.

& ndash; Most memorable of & nbsp; digs and & nbsp; coolest find you ever found?

& ndash; When I was in & nbsp; Gnezdovo, under & nbsp; Smolensk, at the & nbsp; excavations of the settlement they found Thor's hammer. This is an amulet worn by the ancient Normans. A professional omen immediately surfaced: they say, when they find him, the weather always spoils & nbsp; & ndash; so the thunder god Thor expresses his displeasure & hellip; And & nbsp; exactly & nbsp; & ndash; a quarter of an hour had not passed before it started to rain. Everything would be fine, but on & nbsp; the same day in the & nbsp; field laboratory it turned out that this was not an amulet, but & nbsp; a banal lingerie rivet & nbsp; & ndash; just deformed & hellip;

But the funniest case happened in & nbsp; Rostov the Great. We were finishing a large excavation at the & nbsp; Church of Gregory the Theologian in the & nbsp; Metropolitan Garden of the Rostov Kremlin. According to all the requirements, the excavation is supposed to fill up. But first, pump out the water that has collected there. I & nbsp; was just on duty at the & nbsp; pumps and & nbsp; was about to turn them off, when I suddenly noticed & nbsp; & ndash; at the & nbsp; bottom, something glitters. Well, & nbsp; jumped to see. A & nbsp; is a bead. Multifaceted, carnelian! Eastern import! Kashmir, Khorasan! But the ladders from the & nbsp; excavation were removed yesterday. Depth & nbsp; & ndash; meters 3. I got out & nbsp; from there an hour and a half.

I got out. But the Kremlin has already been closed and & nbsp; set on & nbsp; alarm. I & nbsp; at first yelled, but the point was & nbsp; & ndash; all went to the & nbsp; houses. I decided to storm the wall & nbsp; & ndash; She, by the way, is familiar to everyone. It was with & nbsp; her in the & nbsp; movie “ Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession '' tried to jump off Bunsch and & nbsp; Georges Miloslavsky. It was here that the alarm went off and a police Gazik came rushing by. In & nbsp; where is Indiana Jones!

Can a rock musician not drink?

& ndash; You are not only a journalist, but also a & nbsp; musician. How did your group appear? Singing about & nbsp; what?

& ndash; The first composition of the People's Commissariat formed when I was 16 years old. The reason for the appearance is the same as that of & nbsp; most, & nbsp; & ndash; to make the girls like it. It turned into something more or less meaningful after five years. Vys & shy; blunts, festivals, records, trips to & nbsp; different cities & ndash; such a typical underground.

Photo: & nbsp; from the personal archive of Konstantin Kudryashov

And & nbsp; then there was a fall out of the & nbsp; clip. I & nbsp; was left alone, I was stupid two or three times in & nbsp; year and & nbsp; thought to close the project. But 4 years ago, the current drummer called me and & nbsp; offered to try to restore the People's Commissariat. with & nbsp; new line-up. And & nbsp; we took an incredibly good start & nbsp; & ndash; as they say, an old horse will not spoil the furrow. Composition and & nbsp; really not that young & nbsp; & ndash; we are all grown men, the drummer and & nbsp; bassist work in the & nbsp; profile research institute of the Russian Railways system, the percussionist is in charge of logistics at & nbsp; a large shoe concern. Here are the ladies & nbsp; & ndash; on & nbsp; keys and & nbsp; backing vocals & nbsp; & ndash; those young. But also serious. One graduates from RUDN University, specialty & nbsp; & ndash; journalism. Another & nbsp; & ndash; actress.

What are we singing about? We are mockingbirds. We scoff at & nbsp; reality. We turn everything inside out and & nbsp; amuse the people. As it is and & nbsp; should be. A rock musician trying on himself the toga of a thinker in & nbsp; thoughts, “ what will happen to & nbsp; Homeland and & nbsp; with us? '' & Nbsp; & ndash; this is a nonsense, a painful dislocation.

And & nbsp; we have a diet of & nbsp; meat
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; sacred cows,
And & nbsp; put on your opinion
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; big and & nbsp; healthy.
We are the & nbsp; throwing champions
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; beads,
Knights of the Order of God's Dew,
Simple and & nbsp; sharp, just like & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;
gagging & hellip;

& ndash; Where there is rock, there is & nbsp; & quot; stimulant of creativity & raquo; & nbsp; & ndash; alcohol. With & nbsp; how is the relationship going?

& ndash; Honestly, one of the & nbsp; reasons for my falling out of the & nbsp; clip was just this. And & nbsp; right & nbsp; & ndash; very few people want to get in touch with a & nbsp; musician who does not knit bast on the & nbsp; stage. But then everything worked out. Here the wife Ira & nbsp; & ndash; without her, I & nbsp; would not have coped, that's for sure. By the way, we studied together at the & nbsp; ist & shy; fake, she works at the & nbsp; State Historical Museum, recently we celebrated the 22nd wedding anniversary. Well, & nbsp; then a son was born, Egor . And & nbsp; since then I & nbsp; do not drink alcohol at all. And & nbsp; the current composition of the group & nbsp; & ndash; teetotal guys. At first, in & nbsp; clubs on & nbsp; we were looked at as a & nbsp; curiosity & nbsp; & ndash; 'People's Commissariat' could blow out the entire milk supply in the bar. Now, after all the arts of the past, you understand the justice of the Pomor wisdom of the 18th century: “ Drunkenness will take away cunning from a good master, smoke the beauty of the mind. And & nbsp; say: drunkenness amuses the mind, & nbsp; & ndash; Why, the whip amuses the thin mare. ” Dossier Born in the village of Meshcherskoye near Moscow in 1976. In 1998 he graduated from the history department of Moscow State University with a degree in Slavic-Russian archeology. He studied at the graduate school of the Institute of Archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In “AiF” since January 2001, he was the music editor of the publication “AiF. I am young ”, a correspondent for“ AiF – Moscow ”, since 2011 – in the department of culture, specialization – historical topics. He is married and has a son. Author of the books “New Moscow” (2001) and “Spontaneous Drive” (2008).


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