Sister Wives Share Two New Singles: “O Dŷ i Dŷ” and “Streets at Night”

Oct 11, 2022

By Joey Arnone

Welsh group Sister Wives have shared two new singles: “O Dŷ i Dŷ” and “Streets at Night.” They are the latest releases from their forthcoming debut album, Y Gawres, which will be out on October 28 via Libertino. View the “O Dŷ i Dŷ” video and listen to “Streets at Night” below.

The band elaborates on “O Dŷ i Dŷ” in a press release: “The song questions whether this is a way of celebrating Welsh culture or whether this is a form of cultural appropriation. It mentions how ‘the mare runs free, let’s see where she ends up landing’ and asks for people to reflect on whether those who have resurrected her in other countries are guilty of stealing her skeleton.”

Regarding “Streets at Night,” they add: “The song was written as an outlet for this experience that we’ve all felt. The speed of the song changing halfway through influenced the lyrics and we hear heartbeats speeding up and slowing down throughout, mirroring the feeling of being on high alert when out walking alone.”

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