Shoigu wrote a Geographical dictation and submitted an idea to university rectors

The number of examination sites is a record

The Geographical Dictation-2021 was held in Russia and 106 other countries on November 14. The headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society (RGO) has become the central platform for voluntary testing of knowledge about the Earth and home country. On the initiative of the Russian Geographical Society, by the way, the dictation is being held. Here for the “ exam '' the Minister of Defense of Russia and concurrently President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Shoigu, chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense, editor-in-chief of MK Pavel Gusev, winners of geographical Olympiads among students and schoolchildren, famous scientists and public figures. Correspondent of MK looked at how everything went and found out if anyone had used cheat sheets.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The idea to popularize knowledge about the native country in the form of a Geographical Dictation was proposed by the President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Shoigu. In principle, the idea is clear: well, a person who loves his homeland cannot but be interested in its nature, history, sights. Without this knowledge, a true patriot cannot be brought up.

The first dictation was held in 2015. In 2021, everyone took the voluntary geographical exam for the seventh time.

The difficult epidemiological situation did not interfere. Although all the necessary precautions had to be taken. The collective sites for testing theoretical knowledge were allowed only upon presentation of the PCR test. The MK correspondent, as well as other journalists invited to cover the dictation at the headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society, also had to be tested for covid the day before.

At the central site, at the headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society, the dictation questions (a minute was given to answer each question) were announced by singer Pelageya, TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich, press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

Despite the fact that & nbsp; some of the questions could be answered with simple logic; most of them required serious knowledge of geography. That is why prompts were given for some of the questions. When asked about a city on the island of Sicily, the presenter, in front of everyone, called three answers out of four wrong, and refused to name the correct one with a laugh.

After reading one of the questions in which it was necessary to indicate the name of the peninsula, Pelageya decided to sing the song “ Farewell, rocky mountains '':

And the waves both groan and cry,

And they splash against the side of the ship …

Melted into the distant fog “ & hellip; ''

Our dear land.

As a result, the answer could easily be guess, since only one option matched the rhyme & ndash; Rybachy peninsula.

Thanks to the positive attitude of the organizers, the dictation took place in a comfortable atmosphere, although some questions were puzzling.

One of the most interesting questions was: “ There are cities in Russia that have been assigned federal status: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol. But there is another federal city leased by Russia until 2050. ''

The correct answer to this difficult question is & ndash; the city of Baikonur, which the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with the cosmodrome of the same name, temporarily leased to the Russian Federation.

Before the start of the dictation, Sergei Shoigu said that the citizens of the state, which is the discoverer of Antarctica and the Northern Sea Route, are ashamed not to know the geography of their country.

The President of the Russian Geographical Society also said that this year was a record for the number of sites for writing a dictation. “ Despite the difficult conditions, we do not stand still and do not repeat the achievements of the past and the years before last, but we grow & ndash; this year, the number of venues has increased by 60 percent, there are now 8.6 thousand of them in 120 countries, '' announced the President of the Russian Geographical Society.

Sergey Shoigu also appealed in absentia to the rectors of Russian universities with a proposal to include geography in the introductory tests for their applicants. “ I suggest that university rectors include this subject in the entrance examinations, and applicants & ndash; don't be afraid to give it up, '' he suggested.

Shoigu, by the way, said that two weeks ago, the Lomonosov Moscow State University had already decided to pass the entrance test in geography at 11 faculties. Until then, this norm was accepted only at one faculty.

Sergei Shoigu presented the best geographers of Russia with diplomas of honorary titles “ Honored Geographer of the Russian Federation. '' Summing up the results of the dictation, Shoigu thanked all the participants and expressed the hope that next year there will be another record both in the number of sites and in the number of participants. & laquo; And most importantly & ndash; by the interest of people to study our country, '' said the President of the Russian Geographical Society

By the way, the Russian military department is perhaps the most massive participant in the Geographical Dictation. The National Center for Defense Management has become the central platform in the Ministry of Defense. In total, the military department had more than 1.5 thousand sites for writing dictation – from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.

The Russian Defense Ministry has created a Center for the Development of Projects of the Russian Geographical Society. According to the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Nikolai Pankov, the Center was created to support the desire of military personnel to learn about Russia and its natural resources.


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