Scientists: delta strain COVID may cause protracted pandemic

The combination of the ability to re-infection and the speed of transmission of infection & mdash; the main properties of the delta strain COVID, which can lead to a protracted pandemic, a corresponding study by scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health published in the journal Cell.

The article indicates that & nbsp; the pathogen of the coronavirus has constantly mutated. Several variants quickly became dominant, including the Indian strain delta. & nbsp;

A team of scientists simulated several scenarios for the development of a pandemic and came to the conclusion that the most effective way to reduce delta activity is mass anti-clot vaccination.

options such as delta makes vaccination even more important. Even if we cannot eradicate the virus, we can guarantee that people will face it prepared '', & mdash; emphasized in the study.

We add, scientists from Imperial College London conducted a study and found that the disease caused by variant AY.4.2 of the delta strain of coronavirus is most often asymptomatic.


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