Saakashvili was taken from hospital to prison by “secret paths”

Georgian Themis is tired of the ex-president's whims

Saakashvili's medical “vacation” is over. On Wednesday, the ex-president of Georgia was taken from the military hospital in Gori back to the prison in the city of Rustavi. Miho's supporters have already gathered around the prison, indignant at the “blatant injustice.”

Photo: AP

Meanwhile, the stay in Saakashvili's hospital was clearly prolonged. He completed the hunger strike for more than a month, and the time that has passed since then is quite enough for the person to return to normal. True, Saakashvili's beloved, Ukrainian deputy Yelizaveta Yasko, who remains in Georgia, reports that Saakashvili is getting worse and worse. According to her, the Ukrainian consul, who recently ended up in the chamber of the ex-president of Georgia, informed about the critical condition of Saakashvili. “He is in critical condition, he is lying almost all the time, he has neurological seizures, he does not receive medical assistance,” she said. What is the reason for Saakashvili's weakness, she does not explain. Miho's supporters persistently carry out the idea that he is “tortured, injected with psychotropic drugs,” therefore, they say, he “melts before our eyes.”

However, when it became clear on December 27 that Saakashvili was going to return from the “bad hospital” to the prison cell, he lost consciousness. They say that this happened at the moment of his active resistance to the guards who tried to take him out of the cell. On Monday he was left alone. However, on Wednesday he was carried out of the Gori hospital on a stretcher and handcuffed and sent to Rustavi prison in a roundabout way. Moreover, they took him so secretly that even his comrades-in-arms never believed that he was taken back to prison. The penitentiary service had to issue a special message. “Based on the high public interest, we explain that on December 30 of this year, the convicted/accused Mikhail Saakashvili, in full compliance with the law, was transferred from the military hospital of the Defense Ministry named after Georgiy Abramishvili to penitentiary institution No. 12,” it says.

Saakashvili has already promised to resume his hunger strike. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry decided to express special concern over the state of its citizen, Mikhail Saakashvili. And I received an answer from the chairman of the ruling party “Georgian Dream” Irakli Kobakhidze. “Nobody should be particularly privileged. When there is a specific conclusion that the so-called refeeding (refeeding syndrome – author) ended two weeks ago, and the prisoner still wants to stay where he is not supposed to be, then this is a discriminatory approach and the state should not allow this. The state's approach will be based on the principle of equality. This person is capricious, but the law must be enforced in all parts, ”the politician said.

So Saakashvili’s expectation that he will be “beaten off” from the Georgian Themis by the Europeans and the Ukrainian authorities has not yet been justified. Georgia is determined to leave him in jail. Fortunately, there are enough charges and the courts in the Saakashvili cases are now going on non-stop, alternating each other weekly.


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