Russian resident of Almaty spoke about the protests in Kazakhstan

And also about the looters and the absence of the army

A Russian resident of the former capital of Kazakhstan named Yekaterina told the Znak edition of what is happening in the city and country. She believes that the situation with liquefied gas was the trigger for the performances, but dissatisfaction with the Nazarbayev clan has been accumulating for a long time. However, she did not expect the protests to become so violent. According to her, everything was supposed to end quickly and peacefully, but the impression was that there are simply no security officials in the country. She does not believe in the news about the release of the airport from the protesters, notes that everyone is in the dark about what is happening.

Photo: Frame from the video

The same applies to the central square of the city. “I live near it, and neither today, nor yesterday, no one cleaned it, people are standing there, and since 10 am new ones have arrived. I filmed it all this morning. Watsapp would work, I could send it, but there is no Internet in the whole of Almaty, “says Ekaterina.

As for the marauders, everything is true. In the morning, Ekaterina was warned that they were trying to break into her store, she came running and nailed everything with boards. There is not a single whole ATM in the city, all large shops were ransacked, and pharmacies do not work. Only small private shops are open, all hope is for them.

As for the protests themselves, only Kazakhs participate in them. There are no Russians among them. The main requirements are to return the retirement age, raise salaries, and lower prices. The Russians are not touched, there are no slogans against them. “Anyway, for now,” Yekaterina added.

A resident of Alma-Ata believes that only Russians can establish order in the country. Therefore, she positively assesses the decision to send the CSTO forces. She herself tries to walk the streets, bending far around the rallies of protesters.


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