Premiere: Work Wife Shares New Single “Too Young To Understand”

Nov 03, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

This year, Brooklyn-based indie singer/songwriter Meridith Lampe has been steadily sharing shimmering dream pop gems under the moniker Work Wife. Most recently, she’s been working in a collaborative mode, debuting a new single co-written with fellow Brooklyn songwriter Mary Hood and pairing with indie pop mainstays on her forthcoming EP, Quitting Season, produced by TOLEDO and mixed by Jay Som.

She announced the record with lead single “Ride Ride” and followed with another new track, “December Summer.” Today, she’s back with her third song from the record, “Too Young To Understand,” premiering with Under the Radar.

With “Too Young To Understand” Lampe takes on a newly cinematic expanse, beginning on intimate guitar tones and steadily ascending to fervent instrumental heights. Chiming guitar melodies interlace into a hypnotic lull as they build into the powerful chorus, with Lampe’s airy vocals in turn shifting from melancholic to impassioned and forceful. Lyrically, the track explores similarly emotionally fraught territory, giving voice to the complicated feelings of being perpetually on the outside of a relationship yet wanting to help nonetheless一“I don’t know what’s going on but I’m here for you / Don’t get in the van / My sister looked like she knew something / I was too young to understand / Don’t make me choose, cause I’ll choose wrong / Over and over again.”

As Lampe says, “‘Too Young to Understand’ describes the ache of wanting to help someone but not knowing the right way, and feeling like every time you try you’re messing it up. The song tells the story of my relationship with my mother, our shared stubborn independence, and our journey together figuring out how to help each other.”

Check out the song and video below. The Quitting Season EP is out December 2nd via Born Losers Records.

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