Premiere: Windser Shares New Video for “Paris”

Nov 03, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Josh Hogan

Windser is the new project from indie singer/songwriter Jordan Topf. After years of playing in and producing other bands, Topf took advantage of the isolation afforded by the pandemic, retreating back in time to his childhood in Santa Cruz for inspiration on his debut EP, Where The Redwoods Meet The Sea. The resulting effort is a collection filled with tender sun-lit beauty, effortless melodicism, and plaintive indie rock storytelling, capturing the nostalgic grace and longing ache of long-held memories.

The full EP is out now, and today Windser has followed the record with a new video for one of its highlights, “Paris,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Paris” finds the warm golden glow of the rest of the record taking on a darker hue, with Topf crafting a swirling and layered mix of snaking guitar lines and easygoing rhythms. Topf’s vocals are shaded in shadows and longing, gliding effortlessly in and out of the winding melodies as he pines for a distant lover—“When I’m all alone and nobody’s home/ Visions of you here in my room/ Lose myself when you’re gone.” Meanwhile, the accompanying video brings the track’s nostalgia to the fore, tracing bleary vignettes of life on tour through the haze of memory.

Topf says of the EP, “It was 2020 when I returned to Northern California to recount the past times and make a record that reflected the nostalgia of my early life. You can hear the reverberations of the waves against the cliffs, the darkness in the redwoods, and the fading feeling of youth. When I was a kid growing up in Santa Cruz, my dad used to romanticize where we lived. The fog that rolls in every morning through the woods and across the glowing pacific ocean. It was a sleepy, haunting, trippy little beach town which he often described as ‘Where the Redwoods Meet the Sea.’ The memories and echoes of my past never left me.”

Check out the song and video below. Where The Redwoods Meet The Sea is out everywhere now.

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