Premiere: Tilde Shares New Video For “Pink Moon”

Jan 05, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Late last year, Swedish singer/songwriter Tilde shared her new sophomore record, Pink Moon, her latest collection of stark soul balladry. Capturing the passionate emotional heights of love and the cascading depths of heartbreak, Tilde pulls from soulful touchstones old and new, from Nina Simone to Lana Del Rey. Today she’s back again with the accompanying video for the album’s title track, premiering with Under the Radar.

“Pink Moon” is a contemplative confessional, finding Tilde exploring past heartbreak, present nostalgia, and an uncertain future. As she describes, “It’s about feeling lost in life and about contemplating over one’s life choices, what could have been or what was never meant to be. About closing chapters and beginning new ones.” Set against her poetic musings, she crafts a heart-rending soundscape, one filled with melancholic nostalgia and hopeful beauty in equal measure. Brushes of drums and warm guitar melodies guide the song, while Tilde’s lovelorn vocals bring its heartbreak to life.

Tilde says of the accompanying video, “In the video we made for another single from the album ‘Don’t Walk Down That Road’ (it’s also on YouTube) we ended with a beautiful scene of a car driving down a road during sunset. We really loved the atmosphere and decided to give it a continuation in the next video with ‘Pink Moon’ here.

So this one begins where that one ended and then turns into its own thing. Almost like I’m walking into my subconscious to a place where you can reflect on life and everything else. There is also a scene involving a ritual, which for me symbolises leaving the past behind and welcoming new beginnings. Giving space to new dreams and hopes.”

Check out the song and video below. Pink Moon is out everywhere now.

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