Premiere: Theo Kandel Debuts New Single, “Good Guy”

Jun 15, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Nathaniel Clayton

Alt pop singer/songwriter Theo Kandel is returning this week with his latest EP, Spin Cycle. The EP sees Kandel embracing his pop side and storytelling roots, marrying them for an emotive concept record as he follows the storyline and emotional aftermath of a breakup. Kandel has already shared “Anaconda Hearts” and “I Don’t Wanna Think About That” from the record and now is back with his final single and video, “Good Guy,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Good Guy” is a warm, resonant last taste of the record, leaning into the folk side of Kandel’s style. Gently building from finger-picked folk to sweeping, lovingly arranged heights, the track explores heartbreak through the wistful eyes of memory. Warm instrumentation and lush harmonies weave together, carrying the track between intimacy and soaring beauty with stirring results. The results are vivid cinematic like any good storytelling, while retaining a heartfelt simplicity at its core.

Kandel says of the track, “‘Good Guy’ is kind of like a conversation; it’s one of those songs that reads like normal speech, and I wrote it with that in mind. The song itself feels very true to who I am as an artist, and hits on the intersection of folk and pop that I’ve been chasing for so long. The video is a completely different story – it was an absolute blast filming myself and my friends playing baseball and drinking beer, and in that way, the video functions as a kind of antithesis to the content of the song.”

Check out the song below and watch for the Spin Cycle EP, out June 18th.

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