Premiere: The Sarandons Share New Video for “Sightlines”

Jan 16, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Steph Montani

Later this month, Canadian indie rock outfit The Sarandons are set to share their forthcoming debut LP, Sightlines, arriving January 27th. Formed by a group of Toronto music stalwarts, the band debuted in 2019 with their self-titled EP and followed in 2021 with their Outrunning EP. On their upcoming full-length record, the band are once again pulling from soulful and soaring strains of heartland and indie rock, crafting music that feels both fervent and honest.

Most recently, the band shared the record’s title track, “Sightlines,” and today they’re back with the single’s accompanying video, premiering in North America with Under the Radar.

“Sightlines” strikes a difficult balance, playing to the band’s penchant for explosive melodicism while retaining a tight danceable undercurrent. Damian Coleman’s basslines drive the song forward with a swirling intensity, locking in with Ed Cummings’ keys and Phil Skot’s propulsive dance floor drums. Meanwhile, vocalist Dave Suchon delivers a searing and emotional performance, hitting exhilarating heights before guitarist Craig Keeney takes the track into the stratosphere with a climactic guitar solo.

Suchon says of the track, “‘Sightlines’ came to me one sunny afternoon back in the spring. I had my acoustic guitar with a capo on the fifth fret, and was focusing on keeping a really constant strum – no swing at all. I must have played those chords for an hour before tentatively trying any sort of melody. It was finished that afternoon, with a few edits still needed on the lyrics.

When I introduced it to the band, it was transformed with Damian’s bass line and all the space our producer, Dan, created in the verses for the colour from Ed’s piano and Craig’s guitar. Phil locked into Damian’s signature bass line with equal parts rock and dance. We ended up with one of our most danceable tracks, which feels exhilarating when the hammer drops on the choruses.

‘Sightlines’ deals with the obvious – that there is no going back; but in remembering, things get obscured or endured to the point we’re screaming for the start again. After all the business about “no going back,” sung in my best Elvis voice, Phil winds up with a drum roll for the punchline, and I go out screaming “take me back” – in unison with Craig’s frenetic guitar work.”

Check out the song and video below. Sightlines is out everywhere on January 27th.

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