Premiere: The National Parks Shares New Single “Sunshine”

Jan 19, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Utah-based indie folk outfit The National Parks is back later this year with their fourth full-length record, 8th Wonder. Following in the wake of 2020’s Wildflower, the band decided to hone in on their earthen and naturalistic core for their follow-up, offering a record replete with soaring folk pop harmonies, organic acoustics, and expansive soundscapes. They have already teased the record with a trio of singles last year, “Angels,” “History Channel,” and “8th Wonder,” and today they’re back with the first single of the new year, “Sunshine,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Sunshine” represents the band at their most sweet and sunny, bringing forth bright pop hooks, coupled with warm acoustic guitar lines and open-hearted lyricism. It offers a warm taste of spring sunshine, one the band delivers with a sense of complete sincerity and breezy charm. The band also conjures up a soaring climactic moment in the latter half, closing out the song with a golden-hued violin solo and honeyed celestial harmonies.

Vocalist Brady Parks says of the track, “I started writing ‘Sunshine’ when we were on tour earlier this Spring. I had the chords and melody in my head and everyday on the bus I would just start writing and rewriting, trying to fit how I was feeling into it all. And then every day at soundcheck I would start playing it and messing around with more ideas. Life was crazy and the cool winter was fading into the warmth of spring. I’m a big fan of Spring and Summer and the life it brings. I started thinking about how the sun gives light and life to everything and started reflecting on my life and who does that for me. This is a love song about bottling up the love you have and the love you feel and never forgetting it even in the cold and dark seasons of our lives.”

Check out the song below. 8th Wonder is out everywhere on March 3rd.

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