Premiere: The Crying Violets Debut New Video For “Broken Dreams Club”

Jun 18, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Nottingham-based rising indie pop trio The Crying Violets make anthems tailor-fitted for warm early summer afternoons. Coming shortly after their April single, “San Francisco Blues,” the band returned this month with their latest track, “Broken Dreams Club.” Now the band is back with an accompanying video, premiering with Under the Radar.

“Broken Dreams Club” imagines a titular club for those with broken hearts and shattered dreams, painted via the band’s signature pastel hues and hazy indie pop melodies. Floating bedroom pop instrumentation accompanies lead singer Katie Lyle’s introduction to the titular club before the song picks up with winding surf guitar lines, a breezy washed-out bridge, and a carefree climactic outro. Meanwhile, the video conjures a similarly easygoing vibe, casting the band in the warm color-filled haze of summer sunsets. Together the band forms a wonderful contrast of welcoming melodies and downcast lyricism, inviting the listener into the joys and heartbreak found within the Broken Dreams Club.

The band says of the track, “‘Broken Dreams Club’, is an imaginary bar. Somewhere you can go if you haven’t achieved your dreams, for a sense of unity and comfort, because everyone is there for the same reasons. We love the juxtaposition of somewhere sad but happy, and a somber lyric with happy melodies.”

Check out the song and video below, out now via Denizen Recordings.

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