Premiere: The Claudettes Share New Video for “A Lovely View”

Nov 01, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Chicago outfit The Claudettes have forged a distinctive style over the years, one they’ve coined as ‘garage cabaret’ for its fusion of bluesy piano lines, soul-tinged harmonies, and outsider punk noir undercurrent. The band have already released a trio of albums, returning most recently earlier this year with the release of their new album, The Claudettes Go Out! Today, the band have shared a new video for one of the record’s highlights, “A Lovely View,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“A Lovely View” is a gorgeously understated effort, carried by pianist and songwriter Johnny Iguana’s winding melodies and Berit Ulseth’s yearning vocals. The track mixes the band’s vintage soulful bent with a dramatic ear for melody, steadily building from a sweet and stark ballad into a strident climax, with Iguana and Ulseth swept to the song’s end by the band’s marching rhythm section.

Meanwhile, the lyrics mirror a similar progression, with the narrator watching others from afar, their daydreams growing from quiet isolated fantasies into delusional obsessions. By the song’s end, the formerly innocent invitations read more as threats: “Won’tcha come over and live your life in my room?/Won’tcha come over and live your life in my room?/My place is small, but there’s a lovely view/You should come over and live your life in my room.”

Iguana says of the track and video, “‘A Lovely View’ goes out especially to all the city dwellers who’ve felt isolated and lonely the past few years. Addiction and even hallucination run rampant, in this world and in this video. Dan Bigelow’s animation and the psychedelic flashes in the studio all around the Claudettes combine to limn a portrait of lost bearings and deep romantic yearning. It’s a love song, but a troubled and, frankly, delusional one.”

Check out the song and video below. The Claudettes Go Out! is out everywhere now.

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