Premiere: Thavoron Shares New Single “Nervous”

Mar 14, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Maddie Ludgate

Seattle-based indie singer/songwriter Thavoron first emerged in 2020 with his EP, Bold, followed in 2021 by his debut album, Ugly. Those projects cemented Thavoron’s style of poetic lyricism, poignant vocal performances, and shimmering layered soundscapes, a style he has since built on with last year’s singles, “18” and “Twin Sized Bed,” and his latest effort, “Struck.” Today, Thavoron is back with another new track, “Nervous,” along with an accompanying music video, premiering with Under the Radar.

“Nervous” offers a glimpse into the uncertain early days of a relationship, exploring the awkwardness and excitement of a new love. Thavoron’s vocals are warm and intimate, offering a crystalline counterpoint to the track’s noisy tangle of hazy guitar lines, strings, and percussion. He captures a striking allure of contrasts, with his intensely personal lyrics and immaculate falsetto standing next to a sea of tense and knotted instrumental textures.

As Thavoron explains, “I tried really hard to replicate a light-hearted/airy/effortless feel with ‘Nervous.’ I wanted to convey the feeling of when you’re in the talking stage with someone and it’s supposed to be super fun, but it ends up just being unsettling. I was inspired by that first breath of fresh air after closing yourself off from others. Pushing past feelings of anxiety and nervousness to embark on something new is exciting because it’s proof of the desire to love and be loved.”

He also explains of the accompanying video, directed by Maddie Ludgate, “The inspiration behind the video for ’Nervous’ is the feeling of keeping it light and cool. I wanted to embody warmth to replicate the feeling of starting something new, regardless of past reservations. We wanted to go for a collage-type feel with the video to add touches of familiar imagery and nostalgia, reminiscent of a care-free summer while also ridding yourself and changing for the better…or so you think.”

Check out the track and video below. “Nervous” is out everywhere on March 15th via Trailing Twelve.

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