Premiere: THALA Debuts New Single “diditagain”

Jul 06, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Celeste Call

Emerging Berlin singer/songwriter THALA only started performing music publicly in 2019. But her dreamy soundscapes and her blending of retro shoegaze and psych pop aesthetics quickly garnered her attention. She debuted last year with “Serenade,” the first single from her forthcoming debut record, adolescence. Since then she’s released several more singles this year, including her May dream pop gem, “bad blood.” Now she’s back with her latest single from the record, “diditagain,” premiering with Under the Radar.

With “diditagain” THALA once again crafts a world of colorful pastel detail and brilliant summer haze. THALA pulls both from vintage influences like Mazzy Star or Cocteau Twins and from modern indie touchstones like Beach House, blending them together into a potent mix of dreamy stylings. Languid guitar and reverb-soaked vocals melt into a weightless reverie on the verses, only for the chorus’s jangle pop guitar and shimmering hook to bring the track back down to earth. It’s the perfect contrast for a song all about getting lost inside your head, proving THALA’s latent pop sensibilities to be just as strong as her talent for warm and inviting soundscapes.

THALA says of the track, “I wrote ‘diditagain’ during a time I couldn’t get out of my head. Like no matter what it was, I started over thinking it and obsessing about it. And each time that happens ( cause let’s be honest, this happens to everyone and more often then we’d like to) I snap out of it though and try to see the situation for what it really is. Sat down with a very good friend one day – he produced this with me as well and I did not plan on writing this at all, it just came out that way. The conversation we had about the theme itself definitely inspired all of the song too. Just felt good to put down in words whatever was going on inside of my head.”

Check out the song below and be on the lookout for adolescence, out September 17th via Born Losers Records.

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