Premiere: Sunglasses For Jaws Shares New Track “Bone”

Jun 01, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Lauren Luxenberg

London psych band Sunglasses For Jaws have already explored weird and wild new worlds with their instrumental psych odysseys. Their fourth album, Everybody’s Made of Bones takes their work to new filmic heights, however.

For their latest record, the central production duo of David Bardon and Oscar Robertson recruited vocalist Olivier Huband to play Frank, the central role in their new story. Frank is a “deluded paranoid schizophrenic, essentially,” the band explains. “He believes that he’s in a film, but he’s not, just like everyone thinks that they’re in a film in their own head. Really though, it’s a man having a nervous breakdown.”

The band also paired with Charlotte Kemp Muhl on production, recording at her partner Sean Ono Lennon’s studio with Elliot Heinrich (Temples, Parquet Courts, Sorry) mixing the record. Now, ahead of the record’s release date, the band have shared one of the tracks from the record, “Bone,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Bone” is the centerpiece of the record, a nearly nine-minute opus of spiraling psych mastery. It certainly lives up to the band’s cinematic ambitions, with Huband’s voice intoning over a fascinatingly surreal soundscape. Momentary interstices of jazzy film noir horns and an apocalyptic backing choir interrupt the reverie, all while the track descends further into a heady bass-driven soundscape. The band recreates Frank’s paranoia with dramatic force, building into a filmic psych drama of singular vision.

The band says of the track, “The driving force, the supercharger, the Molotov cocktail, the cinematic experience. This is the heart of the album and the most integral to the narrative aspect of the record. It sums up the feelings and themes of the album – angst, power, strength, pain, filmic paranoia, self-consciousness, sex, and image. The track spirals into a long, haunting instrumental mirroring the descent into sensual catatonia. It’s about thinking you’re the pinnacle of it all, but behind the eyes, behind the candelabra, you’re holding on for dear life. The music is a speeding car, and we hold onto it for dear life. Put your hands on the steering wheel, or stick your head out the window, because we ain’t stopping anytime soon.”

Check out the song below and stream Everybody’s Made Of Bones, out June 4th Via Pony Recordings.

Sunglasses For Jaws · Bone

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