Premiere: Sorry, Peach Shares New EP ‘You Were Never Mine’

Nov 18, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

South Carolina alt pop outfit Sorry, Peach are back today with their first EP, You Were Never Mine, premiering with Under the Radar. Offering up the band’s first collection since their 2019 debut, Don’t Ask If I’m Okay, the EP finds the band diverting into bedroom pop and indie folk, weaving entrancing instrumentals within warm vocal harmonies. The band’s newly expanded palette also helps drive home the weight of their heartbreak pop lyricism, with the record detailing the rise and fall of a doomed relationship.

The record opens up on the emotive charms of “I’ve Been Feeling Lonely,” balancing delicate pop hooks with melancholic and biting lyricism (“You’re good at pretending/But I know this is ending/…I don’t think this is gonna/Work out for the better”). In contrast, “a lot less time” takes an expansive approach, with the swaying guitar line steadily giving way to a dreamy French horn solo and soaring vocals from a full choir. Elsewhere, “In Saturn’s View” offers a stark and spotlit piano ballad, while “573” briefly dips into lo-fi bedroom pop before delivering a full cinematic climax.

From there, the band plays with classic guitar pop, sunny indie folk, and acoustic textured confessionals, each track embracing new angles on indie pop with the uniting force lying in their heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics. The band have seemingly set out to make a soundtrack for each moment of a break-up, painting portraits of hurt anger, desolate heartbreak, and even hints of nostalgic euphoria.

As the band describes, “The entire EP is about the feeling you get when you realized you cared more about a person than they cared about. It’s a collection of songs that I’ve spent two years writing and covers a number of different experiences I’ve had with different people. It can be about a friend or a significant other or even a family member. But along with that feeling is a bit of introspection. It’s really easy to point the finger and say you never cared about me because of this and this but it took me some time to be able to look in the mirror and say maybe I made it hard for someone to fully care the way I wanted.

I didn’t want to feel limited as far as genre, so we just did whatever felt right. That’s why we’ve got folk and bedroom pop and rock and rnb, not to be trendy or cool, but to do what was best for these songs that we created. To do whatever felt right in communicating the feelings. ‘In Saturn’s View’ is reflective and angry and the music shows that. ‘I’ve Been Feeling Lonely’ was kind of me laughing at myself for getting into another sticky situation, and so it has a more lightheaded feel to it. We really tried to take risks with the EP.”

Check out the full EP below, out everywhere now.

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