Premiere: Sacramento Debuts New Video For “Fooding” (feat. Chickpee)

Jun 30, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Italian synth pop musician Sacramento (real name Steve Fileti) debuted his take on the sounds of West Coast synth pop and indie pop with his 2019 record Lido. Drawing from genre touchstones ranging from MGMT and Ariel Pink to Al Green and Frank Sinatra, Sacramento returned this year, expanding on his sound with his new record, Latte / The Italian Breakfast. Now Fileti is back with a new video for one of the record’s highlights, “Fooding,” premiering with Under the Radar.

If it wasn’t already obvious, Fileti is preoccupied with one thing on “Fooding.” If you’ve ever been out at a restaurant with a date who can’t keep their hands away from your food, this song is for you. Fileti pens a smooth bedroom pop ode to his love of food, singing its praises over breezy synth lines and feather-light melodies. Meanwhile, Chickpee (a.k.a. Chiara D’Anzieri) adds her own verse, penned with her husband Ron Gallo, bringing her own silly and sultry touch to the song. “You can touch me any place/But keep your hands away, from my plate/I can give you a little taste of me/but my meal, keep your space,” she sings.

Fileti says of the track, “The message behind the song ‘Fooding’ is that if you’re my guest at my house and I cook for you, you can take and taste as much as you want, I will always provide and share food. And if needed, I can give my portion away. But if we are at the restaurant, there’s no chance I can share my order with anyone. You get to choose what you want to eat and you get your chance to order as much as you want. Me and Chiara A.K.A. “Chickpee” (and Ron Gallo who wrote the lyrics with her) we are absolutely in agreement with this matter.”

D’Anzieri adds, “When Stefano asked me to collaborate and I heard the first verse of the song I immediately thought about that Friends episode where Joy is sitting in this restaurant on a date and he yelled “Joy doesn’t share fooooooooddd!”. Me and Ron (Gallo) pictured that scene and wrote something silly, sexy, and funny at the same time. I loved the idea, it was easy and fun and we all could use a little silliness during the quarantine time.”

Watch the gloriously tongue-in-cheek video below and check out Latte / The Italian Breakfast, out now.

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