Premiere: Roscoe Roscoe Shares New Music Video “Jacob’s Ladder”

Jun 21, 2021

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Holly Whitaker

London five-piece psych outfit Roscoe Roscoe made their debut last year in the midst of 2020’s quarantine summer with their single “Brain Retrieve.” Earlier this month the band returned with their follow-up single, “Jacob’s Ladder,” another taste of their melding of avant-garde rock, ‘60s psychedelia, and indie pop. Now the band has shared the track’s accompanying video, premiering with Under the Radar.

After COVID-19 ruined last year’s summer, it’s fitting that Roscoe Roscoe has returned with another brilliantly psychedelic summer romp. However, where their debut single delivered blistering riffs and explosive performances, “Jacob’s Ladder” instead explores the band’s more trippy and explorative side. The thick instrumental haze equally recalls ‘90s shoegaze and modern dream pop stylings, while the droning melodies are pure ‘60s era psychedelic bliss. The video equally evokes this side of the band, using otherworldly visuals and colorful kaleidoscopic animations to create new bizarre visual landscapes.

Guitarist Jacob Muna says of the track, “‘Jacob’s Ladder’ kind of just came out while I was playing around with repeating this really bright chord shape. The production and arrangement when we recorded it as a band was inspired by a combination of Slowdive / My Bloody Valentine and The Beatles. The video’s aim was to make something that felt hazy and disorientating, to complement the dreaminess of the track.”

Singer Charlie Read Clarke continues, explaining of the video, “Milanka Caballero [the band’s synth player and singer] and I had been traveling in Mexico and brought back wrestling masks for the band, the idea visually stuck with us and so we used them in the music video and artwork.”

Check out the song and video below, out now via Slow Dance / Missing Piece Records.

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