Premiere: Pony Girl Shares New Single “Running In Circles”

Sep 07, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Curtis Perry

Later this fall, Ottawa-based indie outfit Pony Girl are back with their upcoming third full-length album, Enny One Wil Love You, the band’s first album with Paper Bag Records. The band took a long hiatus following their 2015 sophomore record, A Foreign Life, but their new record finds them more mesmerizing and creative than ever, blurring the boundaries between art pop, indie rock, and electronic production. The band returned earlier this year with the record’s lead single, “Age of Anxious” and followed with its title track. Today, they’re back with another new single, “Running In Circles,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Running In Circles” begins as a spacious echoing effort, sparsely colored via watery processed vocals, gentle instrumentation, and the occasional burst of electronic contortions. As the song builds, that negative space is steadily filled by ghostly layered harmonies, eventually descending into cacophonous fireworks of distorted noise. The result feels like an experimental grab-bag of aesthetics and stylistic choices that nonetheless work brilliantly together, marrying glassy crystalline melodies with unexpected bombs of electronic noise pop.

Meanwhile, the lyrics and accompanying video sketch the outline of a soul-crushing dead-end job, one that constantly pushes the worker towards the brink. As the band describes, “‘Running in Circles’ goes as heavy as your fantasies about killing your boss. We drew from all the jobs we never really cared for, all the shitty bosses we fled, and all the lows of the dead-end job cycle. It’s a towering, personal song that we wish wasn’t so relatable.”

Check out the song and its dark and surreal video below. Enny One Wil Love You is due out October 14th via Paper Bag

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