Premiere: Pohgoh Shares New Single “Over/Under”

Oct 26, 2022

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Dave Decker

Indie outfit Pohgoh first formed in 1994, making their way through the ‘90s indie underground and releasing their debut album, In Memory of Bab, before breaking up three years later. However, the band since reformed in 2016, returning at long last with their 2018 sophomore album, Secret Club. Since then, the band weathered the storm of the pandemic together, coming out the other side with their earnest and anthemic new record, du und ich (“You and I” in German).

The full record is out November 4th via Spartan Records, but ahead of the release the band have shared their new singles “Weeds” and “Hammer,” along with their latest single, “Over/Under,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Over/Under” takes an intensely personal turn for the band, with vocalist and guitarist Susie Ulrey exploring her experiences living with MS. But though the subject matter of the song is heavy and meditative, Pohgoh bring a vibrant life to the track that leaves it feeling anything but dour. Ulrey’s airy vocals bring add a soaring height to the track, contrasted with the heft of the band’s rollicking guitar riffs and searching lyricism. The track steadily builds until its joyous climax, where the band launches into a searing guitar solo with one final warm-hearted declaration一“Call it a miracle / Call it whatever you want / I’m happy to be here.”

Ulrey says of the track, “‘Over/Under’ is about the random uncertainty of odds while living through a traumatic experience. In the fall of 2018 I spent 3 terrifying weeks in the hospital (including a stint in the ICU) due to a very rare reaction to an MS (Mulitple Sclerosis) treatment I had taken years prior. The odds eventually titled in my favor when I was finally sent home, though in a pretty fragile state with a slow, months-long recovery ahead of me.

Part of the healing process was writing about it. We wanted to reflect some light out of the tunnel through the upbeat ending and my self-assuring, if not tentative declaration of, ‘I’m happy to be here.’”

Check out the song below. Du und ich is coming November 4th via Spartan Records.

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