Premiere: Pelvis Wrestley Shares New Single “Keep On Running”

Feb 28, 2023

By Caleb Campbell

Photography by Jackson Montgomery

Pelvis Wrestley first began as the songwriting outlet for singer/songwriter Benjamin Violet, fusing their roots in synth pop and their love for country music to create a unique blend of styles made up of equal parts campy indie pop and pastoral Americana. They first began teasing their debut record, Vortexas Vorever, during the height of the pandemic, but they have since signed with Earth Libraries for the record’s full release next month.

Last year, Pelvis Wrestley shared the album’s lead single, “Sussana,” and today the band are back with their latest track, “Keep On Running,” premiering with Under the Radar.

Like the band’s last single, “Keep On Running” layers on the soaring melodies, shading a magnetic vocal performance with stately synth chords and a propulsive string section. Fittingly, the song itself feels like it’s constantly pushing forward, growing more strident, resolute, and self-assured with each chorus. Meanwhile, Violet’s lyrics take on hints of Springsteen-esque hope and drama, singing of the constant pursuit of love一“You took me for a drive cause I couldn’t just stop / I saw you at the bottom and I’ll meet you at the top / Everything I found felt like a piece of what I lost / Well, until love comes I’m gonna keep on running.”

Violet says of the video, “I had to run a lot for this video. I’m a runner and I like running, but after running so much, I was really tired and had to take a bath. I hope this video brings awareness to running and how fun it can be to take a bath after.”

Check out the song and video below. Vortexas Vorever is due out March 21st via Earth Libraries.

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